By Maggie Nechvatal

I have had my hot tub since March and I love it. I use it at lease once a day. Lots of days I am using it twice. The pain in my neck, back and hips have gotten dramatically better. I sleep better. I have more energy. Purchasing a Hot Spring tub is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks, Chris for helping me pick out the tub that meets my needs. You were very patient with me and answered all my questions.

By Josiah Kelley

We bought our Hot Springs hot tub about a month ago. Chris was very knowledgeable and told us why Hot Springs are the best in the industry. The setup process was easy and quick and we have loved our new spa!

By Chris Szczepansk

Chris was our salesperson and he educated us in the buying of a good hot tub. We had been to other dealers whom were hardcore buy mine nobody else. Chris told us what we need to look for and take into consideration when purchasing a hot tub. He said even if you don’t buy ours this is information you need. We went home and did a lot of googling and came up with the tub for us was at Hot Springs. We returned the next day and Chris helped us through the purchase. It was so hard to decide on which one was our best fit but Chris asked us the questions and led us to our hot tub. So far we are in heaven using our tub every day. Thanks, Chris.

By Sue Williams

Bought our Hot Spring Spa over 30 years ago and it still works as well today as it did three decades ago! Yesterday, I needed a new filter and I was delighted to learn that Hot Spring Hot Tubs & Stoves Albuquerque (on Menaul) had it in stock. So glad I could buy local and I appreciated the good tips and advice from the expert when I went into the store to pick up the filter. As one of the Hot Springs websites explains, Hot Spring collaborated with Designworks (a BMW Group Company) to redefine the spa experience so that your Hot Spring spa will look beautiful and work beautifully for a lifetime. This is true. Our Hot Spring Spa has worked beautifully for a lifetime (with good maintenance/check-ups) and has provided countless hours of R&R for over 30+ years!

By Dennis Plummer

Chris is a fantastic sales person who made my experience easy and fun! This was a really big purchase for me, so it was nice knowing that he was there to coach me through it. The delivery team was also top notch and friendly.

By Allyson Granados

Amazing service! I would highly recommend this shop. They were not pushy and really helpful!

By Jodi Vertz

Chris was very knowledgeable and attentive to our questions and concerns while comparing other hot tub brands, and we are completely confident in choosing the hot springs hot

By Elizabeth Robertson

We searched for years for the perfect spa. Each time we went in Chris was so incredibly helpful and patient. We finally decided to buy a spa from Hot Springs and we are so happy. From Chris to the delivery crew, everyone was A+. Id highly recommend!

By Susan Salado

Chris was VERY helpful …. lots to choose from …. the delivery and installation was perfect. Have been using the spa continually since Chris went over the functions and operation and IT IS WONDERFUL …..

By Ken Marron

Excellent product (our fourth) and service

By Andrew Links

Awesome sales here

By Barbara H.

We looked at a number of hot tubs before deciding on a Hot Springs tub. Chris impressed us with his knowledge, as we were looking for one for therapeutic needs. They organized everything for us, found the model we wanted at their Santa Fe store and less than a week after we ordered, all the electrical needs were done and our hot tub was ready to go. I am in it about twice a day and absolutely love it. Chris came to the house and described all the operations. We are really pleased.

By Mark Keeling

I’m a contractor for this company and for what I’ve seen this is a good business who cares about appearance & building upkeep. The hot tubs on the sales floor are nice too.


By Kathy Black

I bought a Jetsetter tub in November 2015. It was the perfect tub for my needs and for the space I had available. Chris was extremely helpful in the sales process, even coming to my home to measure a relatively tight fit area to ensure that the tub could be delivered without a crane. Chris has also been spot on in everything he says about water maintenance, electricity usage, etc. Thanks!

By Lisa Spahr

Awesome hot tub, we are very happy with it. convinced that this is the cadillac of hot tubs.Tom, the manager is great, empathetic, and honest. He even came to our house to assist with the hot tub.The ONLY improvement the business owner could make is to do a better job of warning customers of their ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS policy prior to purchase. Beware, absolutely no refunds…even if your hot tub is still in the store undelivered.

By Demi Dambrino

Outstanding sales and delivery! Chris was phenomenal and very helpful. So much so that he came to our home to help us set up our new spa. – The Dambrino Family

By Rita Jennings

We’ve had our second hot tub, a Hot Spring, for about 8 years now. It is easy to maintain and keep clean. We’ve gone through a couple of covers, but love the tub.

By Judy Rowley

I recently purchased a Jetsetter hot tub Hot Springs Spas in Albuquerque NM. I really can’t say enough good things about it. I bought it mainly for therapeutic reasons and it has helped tremendously! I use it for 10 minutes AM and PM. I want to send a shout out to Chris Kakos who helped me to get the tub that would best suit my needs. He was extremely friendly and most helpful and I would HIGHLY recommend going to this store for all your hot tub needs!

By Rosemary Clarke

I just had my second Jetsetter Hot tub delivered and installed. The first I bought in 2001 and have used it daily once or twice. It is easy to maintain and there is always help from Chris Kako at the store for supplies or advice on anything. So I purchased a second Jetsetter which turns out to be more powerful with more adjustments for the jets and even features lights in various shades. The delivery men took great care in moving it in and in taking away the old one. They also removed the packaging and disposed of all that. They aligned it and gave me instructions. They even placed the Serial Number on the Manual for me. All I had to do was fill it and plug it in and then put the first chemicals in to get the PH level right. The Jetsetter is just the right size for my space and my needs in terms of use. One can stretch out in it easily. The moto jet goes up and down the back and feels great! I highly recommend this tub for the economical use of water and electricity. It is Wonderful!


By Rosemary Clarke

I just bought my second Hot Springs Spa, the Jetsetter, just right for 2-3 people. My first I got in 2001. I have had good service and get my supplies at the store where Chris Kakos is very helpful. I have used my Jetsetter 1-2 tmes per day. It helps with relaxation and overall is good for signs of arthritis. The Moto jet that goes up and down the back is improved and I notice the new one has more power and settings that can be adjusted. And it has different light colors which is a new feature. When it was delivered the two men were very careful with the tub, making sure it was level and aligned. They removed all the packaging materials and gave me instructions for its care. They even put a sticker with the Serial Number on the Manual in case I need it. This is just the right size for 2 or 3 people. It is roomy in terms of stretching out in it. I highly recommend this tub also for the economy relative to how much water it takes. Its easy to fill and clean. Wonderful describes the experience!

By Rosemary Clarke

I bought my first Hot Springs Spa in 2001. It was the Jetsetter, just right for 2-3 people. I have gotten many years out of it using it almost every day at least once and sometimes twice. I just had delivered my second Jetsetter. The men delivered it with care, removed the older one, set it up, gave me instructions, and even place the Serial Number on the Manual. They carted away all the wrapping so all I had to do was fill it and get the chemicals right. This one is much more powerful and has more ways of increasing or decreasing the power to the various jets. The moto unit goes up and  down ones back and is better than getting a massage. At the end of the day, it is so relaxing. I am very happy with this tub. It is just the right size for my space and needs. I highly recommend it for those who dont want a huge tub. And due to the smaller size, it is more economical to fill and run. Cant say enough good things